About Our Organization

The Coordinators of Psychiatric Education (COPE) membership includes the 17 Program Directors from each of the Canadian Psychiatry Residency Programs and a resident representative from each program. The purpose of COPE is to provide Psychiatry Residency Program Directors and Resident Representatives with a forum for discussion and review of leadership in psychiatric postgraduate education as it pertains to accreditation standards, scholarship, promotion of psychiatric education, advocacy for program needs as well as a forum for mutual support. We meet bi-annually as a group in the spring and fall. We provide feedback to the Specialty Committee in Psychiatry at the Royal College and the Standing Committee of Education at the CPA.

We prepare a national representative formative exam to assist trainees in preparing for the Royal College Exam and administer awards for residents in psychiatry.

We also discuss accreditation and assist one another with the aim of enhancing the education standards and meeting them at each of the programs.

For our residents:

COPE Resident Mandate:

To liaise and build relationships between postgraduate training programs for psychiatry in Canada, to share information and resources on best practices in residency education, to assist residents in preparation for Royal College examinations, and to advocate for important educational issues and advance psychiatric training and practice.

Mandat des résidents au COPE:

Entretenir et développer des relations entre les programmes de psychiatrie postdoctoraux du Canada, partager les informations et ressources disponibles quant aux meilleures méthodes d’enseignement en résidence, accompagner les résidents dans leur préparation aux examens du Collège Royal, ainsi que promouvoir les enjeux éducatifs et assurer une évolution adéquate de la formation et la pratique de la psychiatrie.