Research Dissemination Guide

Guiding Principles for Presentation of Research Projects to COPE

  1. The research project must have relevance to Postgraduate Psychiatry Education in Canada
  2. The research proposals are strongly encouraged to have a Knowledge Translation (KT) component in that there are potential actionable items for Psychiatry Programs emerging from proposed research proposal
  3. The research must have received REB approval

The following points must be addressed in a written submission by potential investigators in order for the chair to consider the presentation at the COPE meeting (or dissemination of the study via the COPE committee):

  1. Brief summary of the proposed project

a.    Research Question

b.    Objectives

c.     Methods

d.    Hypothesized findings

e.    Dissemination Strategies

  • How will this research directly benefit Postgraduate Training Programs in Psychiatry? Please provide specific, concrete examples.
  • Are there opportunities for authorship within the COPE committee within the current research?
  • Would you be willing to draft a written executive summary of research findings at the completion of the study for dissemination to the COPE committee for consideration?

If the investigators are provided with an opportunity to present to the COPE committee, they will present a brief 10-15 minute presentation outlining the above.  The presentation will include an opportunity to answer questions posed by the COPE committee.