Child and Adolescent

The Chair of CAP-COPE is Daniel Gorman from UofT;

The following is a link to the accredited programs and program directors.


The following documents can be found on the Royal College!%40%40%3F_afrWindowId%3Dnull%26_afrLoop%3D14873047132570680%26_afrWindowMode%3D0%26_adf.ctrl-state%3D16k0ksnflb_61

  1. Examination format
  2. CanMEDS 2015 Objectives of Training Special Addendum
  3. Objectives of Training (please also see the CanMEDS Special OTR Addendum)
  4. Specialty Training Requirements
  5. Final In-Training Evaluation Report (FITER)
  6. Accredited residency programs and program directors
  7. Examination dates
  8. Specific Standards of Accreditation for Residency Programs